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Italy[ edit ] The Treaty of Peace with Italy spelled the end of the Italian colonial empirealong with other border revisions.

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Ever since and even more earnestly from , France's main diplomatic aim had been the containment of what was, if only potentially, the major continental power. In , he forced the French to surrender in the same railroad car used for the Treaty of Versailles. In , at least , survivors of the bombing were still alive in Japan. The more extreme forms of state control of economic and social life experienced by the states of Eastern and Central Europe may be seen as imported from, or imposed by, the Soviet Union, though many of these states had formerly been used to a high degree of government direction and were experiencing some of the worst problems of post-war dislocation and poverty. More than a quarter of its national wealth had been consumed. The War killed 30 million in the Pacific. As with so many aspects of post-war Europe, it is difficult to see the moves towards what was to become the European Union as a direct result of the Second World War, if only because of the pre-war antecedents, such as Aristide Briand's — "Memorandum on a European Federal Union" and Jean Monnet's — collection of essays, entitled The United States of Europe ; indeed most of the best known proponents of European unity in the post war period had been promulgating it before the war. Munchengladbach Cathedral stands here in the rubble, though still in need of repairs, seen in Germany, on November 20, This was a world where "the man from the ministry knows best". Austria called Ostmark by the Germans was separated from Germany and divided into four zones of occupation. The reconstruction programme emphasised heavy industry to the detriment of agriculture and consumer goods. Warring states used it as a major means of propaganda, though overtly propagandist films were less well-received than those, like the, just pre-war, Russian Alexander Nevsky and the British Henry V which brought past victories to the aid of the present. An estimated 11 to 17 million civilians died either as a direct or as an indirect result of Nazi ideological policies, including the systematic genocide of around 6 million Jews during the Holocaust and an additional 5 to 6 million ethnic Poles and other Slavs including Ukrainians and Belarusians , Roma, homosexuals, and other ethnic and minority groups.

Nothing better illustrates the importance attached to film than that inas Allied armies approached Germany, the Wehrmacht provided several thousand troops as extras for the filming of Kolberg, a film depicting the resistance of a besieged German city on the Baltic following Prussia's defeat at the battle of Jena and Auerstedt in A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established after World War II to prevent another such conflict.

The information in the life history includes family composition and type of home number of rooms, running water, toilet, etcnumber of books, and occupation of father.

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European economic development was on the cusp of the end of industrialisation and the beginning of the post-industrialisation era. Another possibility is using different measures of war exposure such as the closeness of combat.

A feature of the post settlement was thus, if settlement is not an inappropriate term, the brutal displacement of populations.

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Goering, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, and Kaltenbrunner were sentenced to death by hanging along with 8 others -- Goering committed suicide the night before the execution. Families were separated for long periods of time, and many children lost their fathers. In a September speech, Churchill stated that the Charter was only meant to apply to states under German occupation and not to people who formed part of the British Empire, a statement which became controversial and resulted in strong pushback from figures such as Gandhi. It has been questioned whether such liberal states can provide the sense of identity which has been such a function of nation states, 28 and whether the priority they place upon peace, though it may make them unlikely to start wars, fits them, either singly or as a group, to be able to prevent them. The war also distracted them from the Nazi extermination of Jews in Poland and other conquered regions. The hunger-winter of The Soviet Union , too, had been heavily affected. Nevertheless, the war and its immediate aftermath, undoubtedly, gave a great fillip to the movement in that two of the motivations behind it, that a divided Europe inevitably seemed to lead to war and that individual national states could not compete in economic and political power with the USA, seemed clearly evident. The war led to a four-year civil war in China that allowed communism to take power. It was only with the completion of the Anglo-American loan by the United States to Great Britain on 15 July that some measure of economic stability was restored. Nazi economic policies had been largely welcomed by Germans in the s and Mark Roseman born has observed that class relationships were visibly changing under the regime: "Everywhere there was the characteristic and curious mixture of the Fuhrer-Prinzip sic and egalitarianism". Key Terms gulag: The government agency that administered the main Soviet forced labour camp systems during the Stalin era, from the s until the s. Around 5.

The 19 million non-combat deaths had a variety of causes: starvation in the siege of Leningrad ; conditions in German prisons and concentration camps; mass shootings of civilians; harsh labour in German industry; famine and disease; conditions in Soviet camps; and service in German or German-controlled military units fighting the Soviet Union.

Small and large bomb craters dot the grounds around the wreckage.

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In addition, SHARE data contain retrospective questions on several possible channels of war exposure: hunger, the absence of the father, dispossession, and persecution. The U.

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