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In other words, what did you learn through your research? Some researchers consider it an outline of the work, rather than a summary.

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Additional Materials The following are appended: 1 Arizona programs that provide context for the study; 2 Data and methodology; and 3 Additional findings. This project seeks to answer the following research questions: 1 What needs must be met by preschool children before they enter Kindergarten?

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Step 3: Draft a description of the key sections In can be challenging to write the abstract all at once. What other kind of study would yield further solutions to problems? In particular, they want to find out if the program model that is currently being implemented is aligned with research and best practices. If your study includes your own work or that of your team, describe that here. Here are some precise questions to address: What is your research trying to better understand or what problem is it trying to solve? Here you will give an overview of the outcome of your study. The purpose of this project is to assist Lamar County Shared Service Arrangement LCSSA with completing a needs assessment and subsequent recommendations for developing a comprehensive professional development plan at the district and school levels. The results of a recent survey in the largest school district in Florida show that special educators have not received adequate training to implement these standards, nor do they feel that their students will be able to effectively meet the new standards.

Abstract This paper explores the need for collaborative learning, peer teaching, independent learning and skill development to persuade students to focus on getting an education rather than just a grade.

Their cumulative passing rate was highest for the English language proficiency test, followed by academic tests in English language arts and math. Use specific words, phrases, concepts, and keywords from your paper.

Educational research paper abstract

It may also perhaps explain why readers should care about this topic. In Florida, districts were required to begin implementation of the new Mathematics Florida Standards and Language Arts Florida Standards in August ; however, preparing teachers for this implementation did not necessarily occur. Data analysis will be used to responsively design game-like activities that will engage students in practicing academic skills during their time in Journey, an after-school refugee youth services program. However, there has been no systematic follow up to determine if the practices have been implemented and what further supports are necessary. What other kind of study would yield further solutions to problems? Abstract Elements A well-written abstract generally addresses five key elements: Purpose: describes the objectives and hypotheses of the research. Through surveys, the researchers will identify the needs of teachers and administrators and work with the district to design necessary professional developments and supports.

After reviewing the needs assessment results, the research team will create a comprehensive professional development plan and locate or develop tools for measuring the success of the professional development program. It makes no judgments about the work, nor does it provide results or conclusions of the research.

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The research project is centered on lifting the voices of teachers of color to speak the truth about the ways in which they work to be change agents in their communities.

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