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Aaker and George S. If the consumers behave like this, there cannot be any protection for them from any quarter. With the ongoing impulse to gain knowledge and have unlimited growth, acquire and fulfill our visions and ambitions of becoming more, with additional wants and this is only natural. All buyers and can freely and immediately enter or leave the market. Thus, what is available is a large assortment of studies on "consumerist" attitudes and opinions, and the three studies reported upon prior to the delivery of this paper all contribute nicely to this body of literature. In perfectly competitive free market, all exchanges are fully voluntary. Both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley depict unique societies in which everything has gone wrong.

Put differently, one could say that these researchers have studied consumerism extensively on both a macro and micro level. Check the labelling of the product to see the nutritional chart of the product. The progression of materialism in the western world has caused a decrease in the happiness and overall well-being of the people that reside in the society So began the era of mass consumption, the only era where the concept of Consumerism is applicable.

The printing press allowed us to consume newspapers and information at a significantly higher pace than ever before.

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And In our Indian system the consumer has rights given for his protection from exploitation from the shopkeepers or sellers. In the novel A Mercy, the character Jacob Vaark epitomizes this modern materialist trend With the globalization of mass media, the style of consumerism associated with modern industrialized societies of the western world has spread all around the plant. Ecolabelling is a methodology practised by many countries in the world, including India. There are several units in the market that can be analyzed. In case the goods purchased are of inferior quality or some defects appears and bothers the customers, these documents will be of great help in settling all kinds of dispute with the seller. Publicizing turns into a method for opening up these fixations by demonstrating to the buyers proper methodologies to draw in and allure a sexual partner, once acquiring and wearing particular clothes or driving extravagant cars Many traders when confronted with a customer who is trying to return faulty goods will say that the problem must be taken up with the manufacturer. Marketing scholars including this writer see Bloom and Stern, ; Bloom and Greyser, , economists Herrmann and Warland, , futurists Molitor, , and consumer advocates themselves have spoken out freely and frequently about consumerism's future. While we all like to know about our rights and make full use of them, consumer responsibility is an area which is still not demarcated. Senate issued a statement estimating that the work week of Americans would drop to between fourteen and twenty hours per week by the year , holding consumption constant as cited in De Graaf, This is seen through the influence it has on emotions, class, alienation and the difficulty in attaining an identity People seem to always want the newest item on the market and will continue to go through products as the better version is released. Handler, Joel F. Press takes following steps to make consumer protection campaign a success.

Right to safety: It is Right to safety against such goods and services as are hazards to health, life and property of the consumer. The players are the consumers represented by different voluntary non-government consumer organizations, the government, the regulatory authorities for goods and services in a competitive economy, the consumer courts, organizations representing trade, industry and service providers, the law-makers and those in charge of implementation of the laws and rules.

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According to Khairil Anwar et al. Colgate, Pepsodent and Close Up. Any appeal may go to Supreme Court within 30 days.

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Research on Consumerism: Opportunities and Challenges by Paul N. Bloom