Chemistry gcse coursework marble chips

decrease in mass marble chips caco3 and hydrochloric acid hcl

This essay has been marked by a teacher! From this time I had been given to practice, I made sure before the real experiment that I had prepared everything properly so that on the day I wouldn't have to worry about things, if I was doing them correctly, and because of the previous experience I knew what to look out for aswell.

marble chips and hydrochloric acid experiment write up

In this pre investigation we are going to focus on testing different volumes, of the weakest concentration of acid and of the strongest concentration of acid. I also said the lower the concentration the slower the rate, and my results show this aswell.

As the concentration of acid decreases then you can quite easily see that the rate, decreases as the concentration decreases. I first picked the type of experiment I was going to do. In addition to needing to know the rate of a reaction at any reaction in hydrochloric to monitor how coursework chip is proceeding.

calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid concentration experiment results

The increase of concentration makes the likely hood of two particles colliding higher. The red arrow down represents the energy released - exothermic reaction.

Syringes should not be allowed to become wet, or the plungers will stick inside the barrels. Most molecular collisions do not result in chemical change.

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Gcse Chemistry Coursework Marble Chips