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The same went for Amin who for a long time was considered a comic buffoon while he terrorised a whole country and fanned international terrorism.

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There are also parallels in their sabre rattling. Amidst the collapsing economy, Amin garnered world fame, not only for his ruthlessness but also for his frequent telegrams to world leaders sometimes supportive and sometimes admonishing, depending on his whim.

The action also earned Amin a poor international image.

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Former FBI chief Comey learned in a similar fashion of his fate. Nubians were also recruited into the army. The ethnic violence grew to include the whole of the army, and then Ugandan civilians, as Amin became increasingly paranoid. In , Idi Amin along with military support, ousted Prime Minister Milton Obote while he was out of the country in Singapore attending a Commonwealth summit meeting with many other leaders of African and European countries. Economic War In , Amin declared "economic war" on Uganda's Asian population, a group that dominated Uganda's trade and manufacturing sectors as well as a significant portion of the civil service. Military leaders who had not supported the coup were executed, many by beheading. He imposed a scheduled and militaristic way of life on his followers. He was promoted to corporal in Two weeks later, Nyerere mobilized a counter-offensive to recapture the land, and drove the Ugandan Army out with the help of Ugandan exiles. Kyemba, Henry. The result was one of the most fearsome, and effective, propaganda films of all time. Amin became president and chief of the armed forces in , field marshal in and life president in

Amin claimed to have served with the KAR regiment in the Burma Campaign during World War II, but this is disputed as records indicate he was first enlisted after the war was concluded. Updated May 13, Idi Amin c. They both share a passion for control and love to be loved.

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As the author grows the politics ever-imposing forces Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya, of Daniel arap Moi, the second president of Kenya, and the mentally present but psychically distant Idi Amin forces Wainaina to face the oppressive and influential role of Kenyan politics in everyday situations. He won the Uganda heavyweight boxing championship in , a title he held for nine years. Like many a dictator he served as convenient ally for other world powers, depending on the specific situation, only to get thrust aside as a pariah when his services were no longer required. Amin is remembered best as the tyrant of Uganda who was responsible for a reign filled with mass killings and disorder. Amin claimed that the expulsion decision was taken in the national economic interests of Uganda: I took this decision for the economy of Uganda and I must make sure that every Ugandan gets the fruit of independence. I want to see the whole Kampala street is not full of Indians. Idi Amin used milliary power to seize and hold political office; this led to corrupt and unstable rule and a helpless population. Alistair Boddy-Evans is a teacher and African history scholar with more than 25 years of experience. Even though Trump and Amin are from completely different eras with different modes of communication, there are clear parallels between the two telegenic men. To distract attention from the country's internal crises, Amin ordered an invasion of Tanzania in October , supposedly because the latter planned to overthrow his government. Once in power, Amin began mass executions upon the Acholi and Lango, Christian tribes that had been loyal to Obote and therefore perceived as a threat.

There he spends his time reciting the Koran the holy book of Islamreading books, playing an accordion, swimming, fishing, and watching television—especially sports programs and news channels. Success in the King's African Rifles Amin received little formal education.

Amin seizes control By the relationship between Obote and Amin had gone sour.

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Inwith Ugandan independence two years away, he became one of the first two Ugandans to become commissioned officers with the rank of Lieutenant. It was becoming clear that Amin's seeming friendliness and clowning were only a mask to hide his brutality.

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Idi Amin and Donald Trump