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Why is Arroyo there? Included in his successful administration were the program Pantawid ng Pamilyang Pilipino Program commonly known as the 4Ps, producing more TESDA scholars, housing programs for informal settlers main cause of flooding.

Reaction paper about sona of president duterte 2019

We are suffering because we let our PAGE 9 country suffer but there is someone out there, someone like our president who is willing to do everything for us. And this is what he will do in within the whole country. But it is well possible now. Our world is dying, our country too. I am very much impressed of how his first SONA speech goes. Because we all know that medias are used to convey messages that are politically manipulated. Julmane Plaza I.

College of St. All we need for the change that we want is to pray to God and cast Him all our burdens and our problems individually and the State.

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Tampa How to write a narrative essay with a thesis statement La Malbaie how to write a thesis statement 4th grade dissertation chapter hypothesis copy editing jobs freelance. Columbia University East Ayrshire. It is both ironic and tragic and it is endless. The government is more likely to implement more programs if the officials and the people actively cooperate with each other. He cannot protect our country alone because he is not God, rather he will made us protect our country by liberating us on how to deal with the matters of the society and liberating us on how harsh is our law. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Kung mag-bugbog ka ng babae. He showed to the people how fearless he was to leave harsh words in front of the public without any basis. Well, anyway. Human rights is for humane purposes. There were never a dull nor boring moment, all throughout his speech I felt excitement. He acknowledge the presence of our Lumad brothers and let them enter the Malacanang, fed them and talk to them about their concerns. Overall, what touched me most with his speech is the fact that he is eradicating criminality for the welfare of this country and its people. How to write a narrative essay with a thesis statement North Lanarkshire, resume CV how to write a business plan for a hotel sample cover letter for nursing job application dissertation Cortland County how to write a personal statement for fiance visa State of Missouri sample cover letter for job application fresh graduate dissertation abstract Cheshire, how to write background for dissertation Glendale.

We express our willingness and readiness to go to the negotiating table, and yet we load our guns pull the trigger. Our president wants us to be near to God, individually and as a whole country, he wants our state to be near to God, and let Him control and help our country for the change, because only God can help us change individually and the whole nation.

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We cannot fully love and accept what was before and will come into our eyes when it comes to the current government but at least let us give it a try. Yes, I am agree, that we must not abuse our human right.

Best reaction paper about sona

Just like you and I, all, equal treatment and equal protection are what I ask for our people. I will be with you all the way. In a Federal form of government in other countries such as Spain and US, states are threatening the Central Government to withdraw their support and turn their localities into an independent entity. I also admire it when he said that he would just extract lessons from the mistakes of the past administrations which the presidents before him somehow failed to do. And this is what he will do in within the whole country. I am one to believe that diplomacy is the only way to deal with this matter. It would be a very much less of burden to all Filipino except for those crocodiles in our country. His words were sometimes awful but at least it was not as deceiving as the other politicians flowering words. NDF, let me say this: All of us wants peace. As the past presidents also advocates, President Duterte also promised things that could answer certain problems within the country. Our world is dying, our country too.

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Gina Lopez and I are just telling you: Follow government standards.

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