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Officer: What's with your face? Officer: I'm talking about the starfish. Megan is eccentric and constantly uses teenage slang terms such as "totes" or "hilar".

Austin: This is all my fault. Why'd you bring glue to the beach? Her jobs change frequently due to her lack of effort and presence at work.

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Recurring[ edit ] Cole Sand as Nelson, an awkward young boy who takes music lessons from Ally. Do they really need a sign for that? John Paul Green as Chuck, a short, country-speaking teenager who believes he is better than Dez at everything. Austin: [hugging the ice cream] I love you, ice cream. Trish: Oh, right. In the third season, they begin to date again and are found in a healthy, secure relationship throughout the fourth season. Why'd you bring glue to the beach? Austin: Ally those lyrics are a total bummer. Later, Jessie and the children travel to Miami with the group. Austin: This is all my fault. Ally: Yes!

He and Penny, Ally's mother, are divorced. Dez: Oh no. Austin: Dez, we're in the ice cream shop, locked in the freezer.

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Sand in my eyes, sun burning my thighs, waves crash on pile of trash, we're at the beach, hooray. Ally: Oh yeah! I didn't hear anything.

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Trish: Oh, right. Officer: Somebody triggered the silent alarm. Dez: Really? The third season premiered on October 27, , and production ended on January 24, The series was renewed for a third season by Disney Channel on April 2, Cameron Jebo as Gavin Young, a country performer and Ally's ex-boyfriend. This gum melted and got all over my songbook. Are you having a good memory about the beach? Ally: "No hugging the ice cream"? Austin: [hugging the ice cream] I love you, ice cream. I just called to say I love you. She is sarcastic, snarky, lazy, vindictive, has little patience, and has a bit of a temper, but cares very much for her friends.
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"Austin & Ally" Songwriting & Starfish (TV Episode )