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Newland is planning to marry the young, beautiful and sheltered May Welland, however when May 's exotic cousin, the Countess Ellen Olenska, appears on the scene he begins to question these plans. At every turn of his passion, Newland sees the door closed by May and duty. She is proper and innocent. Hypocrisy Loopholes can be found in this code and those who find them might often be despised, but they are still tolerated in this society. Archer starts to become to concerned when he realizes, that he and Lawrence are a like with their actions. At that same dinner, Lawrence Lefferts asks Newland to "cover" for him and lie to give him an alibi so that he can carry on an affair. By the end of the novel, everyone has outflanked him, especially the women in his life who have used his innocence well. Newland will lie and tell no one. She uses two highly contrasting characters that both embody desirable traits as well as inexpedient traits in order to convey this. Ellen's sin is that she refuses to accept these restrictions and will not lie about loving Newland.

In the beginning of the novel, Newland is engaged to May Welland, however when her cousin Ellen Olenska returns from Europe, he begins to doubt who he really loves. She had divorced and moved to a more congenial atmosphere for divorcees: Paris. If, however, the van der Luydens extend a dinner invitation to socially accept Ellen, then New Yorkers have a clear signal of what is expected.

The inspiration for these motifs occurred throughout her life.

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May gives a lavish going-away dinner for Ellen. But we must be careful not to equate popularity with the value of the fiction; i. Each character has an affair. She is proper and innocent.

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For example in the book May dresses up to meet Mrs. Not having been taught the rules of the game, she stretches the tolerance of New Yorkers, eventually forcing her exit.

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