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If it does, it's a good definition; if it fails, he needs a new one. Since Socrates has no money, the others pay his share.

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Since a just man is influenced by his parents the parents must be just. But, in fact, as Socrates himself notes, it was built into the State from the beginning. Socrates reveals many inconsistencies in this view. It is the carefully prepared wool ground, Socrates illustrates in an extended metaphor, on which the dyer sets his vivid colors. If he was a truly a just person then he would not be unjust even if there was no fear of punishment. And temperance, "the ordering and controlling of certain pleasures and desires," is uniquely present in all citizens, by their own choice or otherwise. You owe the madman his weapon in some sense if it belongs to him legally, and yet this would be an unjust act, since it would jeopardize the lives of others. With three of the four cardinal virtues now uncovered, the philosophers begin to hunt for justice. Even thieves have a degree of just behavior, else they would always rob each other. You may also like. He is saying that it does not pay to be just. Active Themes Socrates adds that a person with a bad soul will rule poorly, while one with a good soul will rule well. Why should we be just?

His complaint for the perceived lack of enjoyment in the lives of the guardians, while human, has no place in the debate at this point. Courage resides in those who fight; it is shown to be knowledge of the nature of fear.

Socrates observes that people make mistakes, thinking an enemy a friend and vice versa, thus the just man could unintentionally help enemies and harm friends.

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I disagree with Socrates point that a just man is solely educated by the society around him. Consequently the just man is happy, the unjust unhappy.

Active Themes Socrates says the crafts rule over and are stronger than the things which they are crafts of—medicine over the body, horse breeding over the horse, a captain over his sailors.

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The Republic Book IV Summary and Analysis