A study on asset liability management

Recent concerns about asset-liability mismatches have been proactively addressed through liquidity provisions by the Reserve Bank, the regulator said.

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However, the present study has had a few demerits also because the study data was secondary in nature, and it included only select private banks and not public and foreign banks. We have no references for this item.

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According to the central bank, a study suggests that NBFCs operate a passive strategy for managing asset-liability mismatches by covering gaps in the wholesale funding markets, rendering them vulnerable to liquidity risks.

But they have used structural liquidity report for calculating interest rate risk; there is a huge difference between these two reports. It also reveals that derivative users as a group have lower mean and median exposure than non-users, and derivative usage reduces exposure.

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The traditional ALM programs focus on interest rate risk and liquidity risk because they represent the most prominent risks affecting the organization balance-sheet as they require coordination between assets and liabilities. For example, the assets and liabilities for private banks for year have been reclassified and presented in Tables 1 and 2.

To the extent that cash-flow assets and liabilities are denominated in different currencies. ALM intervenes in these issues of current business activities but is also consulted to organic development and external acquisition to analyse and validate the funding terms options, conditions of the projects and any risks i.

Literature review on assets and liabilities management

A surplus of assets creates a funding requirement, i. Being a true multivariate approach for both sides of the equation, it has clear advantages compared to the more commonly used pair-wise correlations or multiple regressions. ALM core functions[ edit ] Managing gaps[ edit ] The objective is to measure the direction and extent of asset-liability mismatch through the funding or maturity gap. More services and features. To the extent that cash-flow assets and liabilities are denominated in different currencies. In order to cover short-term to long-term liquidity risk they are divided into 3 categories : Indicators of operating cash-flows. While sound financial system is considered as the backbone of any country and its economy, safety and stability of the financial institutions are even most important for the growth of the industry, economy and economic well-being of the people. However, the major risks faced by the banks are liquidity risk and interest rate risk. This mission thus includes the bank liquidity's benchmark price in the market. Mahadeva Murthy and Prof.
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Asset and liability management