A proud achievement

Craft your story using the SAR model [situation, action, result], linking the results back to the overall achievement.

A proud achievement

The STAR method is the most effective way to talk through and expand your skills and abilities. The best answer I was given One interviewee gave me his achievement and then he sold me the benefit. It may be work-related but could also be more personal. I, however, disagree unless the interviewer specifically asks you to. He told me that he actually felt that his biggest achievement was yet to come. Do not just tell the interviewer your proudest moment. We had been working the same way for ten years. Shows initiative and proactively steps in and does what is required.

I once asked someone this question and she told me that moving to university was her biggest achievement as she missed her family terribly. Find your perfect job. Check out the video below for my tips for answering this question. Some career coaches and recruiters will advise you to always give a professional achievement.

You could even choose an achievement from your personal life which stresses your workplace values. Takes responsibility for delivering on intended outcomes. Picking out figures and statistics, such as percentage growth or client growth, is a surefire way to show how you can go above and beyond requirements.

10 personal achievements examples

It was such a rush to come to work and see people getting trained to do something that I helped develop. Unexpected: were you unprepared but still able to obtain a result?

I recognised that I needed to be more confident when speaking at team meetings so I could contribute to discussions of issues as well as put ideas clearly. I get this, I really do, but she had graduated 15 years earlier and I was hoping for something more recent and relevant than that.

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Tell Me About Your Proudest Achievement.