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You can also take rides around the field or the packs to maximize the quality of a day without technology. Practices that used to be a normal thing people learned before technology improves, now people rely on their phone to do those things now.

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However, I did have to tell my parents and a few of my close friends that I was going off the grid for 24 hours which was probably hard for them since they text me almost every day.

Because my nose wasn't buried in my phone, I managed to see some cool things. These things are short-lived and fleeting. It also points out the current ubiquity of computers as well as their essentialness to modern survival; the latter of which is something we often overlook.

If he survives long enough to do it. As all this technology advances we want to get the latest and ask for more.

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Quality time can be spent with friends and even family.

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A Day Without Technology Essay